The Good, The Bad, The Back Yard Wedding

November 2, 2021

Yay for Back Yard Weddings! A lot of people have asked me my thoughts on a backyard wedding and I LOVE them. Not that they are any less stressful while planning, there are some much more laid back aspects to them. I have done a handful since I have started my business and wanted to cover some dos and do nots for your day. 

Backyards weddings are amazing to keep your day intimate, low key, and you possibly can save a buck or two without having to pay for a venue. One of the main reasons I love them is because you don’t have to invite Aunt Kathy that you haven’t seen since you were 6, because your mom said you had to.  They are usually smaller and much more intimate, keeping the guess list typically under 100, and having all your close friends and family that you want (and have seen in the last couple years) there. Another reason why I am in favor of them is because there are possibly things you can do at your own house (or whoever’s house) you can do that you can’t do at a venue. For example, many venues have you set up, and take down everything the same day as your wedding, and nobody has time for that, and to be honest, wants to do it. A wedding at a friends house for example would be much less stressful in the aspect and really give you time for what your day is about, YOU and your FIANCE. 

Even though you aren’t having the big shebang, that does not mean it is any less important! “Oh its just backyard wedding..” NO! It is still just as important, and wonderful as a large wedding at a venue. So please, just stop saying that people. Next, please still stick to a timeline. It helps your vendors so much. Also, your guests won’t be wandering around and wondering what is going to happen next, especially if there is no organization. Last little bit of advice, is just because it is a “backyard” wedding does not mean that you need to get the decorations at the dollar store. Of course, stick to your budget! However, there are so many awesome DIYs you can do to save money and still have everything look amazing!


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